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Elevation 966 Winery|301 Airport Rd, H, Greenville, SC 29607|(864) 360-9515
Elevation 966 Winery|301 Airport Rd, H, Greenville, SC 29607|(864) 360-9515

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in a name?

Elevation 966 is the approximate elevation above sea level of the city of Greenville, SC. Our very close proximity to Greenville’s municipal airport (GMU) and my love of my maps started my quest for the perfect name. We wanted a name that would be an icebreaker/conversation starter. It worked. Everyone visiting the winery will ask questions (we love the questions) and this is our number one.

Is the winery dog friendly?

Yes, we are. Leashed well-behaved dogs are always welcome in the winery (there are even dog treats behind the bar for your four-legged family member).

Why an urban winery?

Easy answer. We are close to everything in Greenville. We are a little over 2 miles from the Greenville Zoo and 3 miles from the Liberty Bridge. Our location is directly across the street from the Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail-Green Line (see you on the trail).

We love the vineyard views just as much as everyone does. But how many times have you driven all the way to a vineyard and enjoyed the view immensely only to be disappointed by the wines? We have too. We have driven to many vineyards, just for the view, and wished we could bring better wine with us.

We wanted the focus at our winery to be on the wines. The views are beautiful, but great-tasting wines can be breathtaking.

We chose our space intentionally to pay homage to my adopted hometown. Our urban space is an old textile warehouse. Greenville was once the Textile Capital of the South. Many of the old textile mills and warehouses in the area have been converted into apartments, condos, breweries, a winery, event spaces, and restaurants.

Where’s your vineyard?

No vineyard here. Luckily, we don’t need one to make award-winning wines. We work with vendors and distributors locally, regionally, and nationally to procure premium ingredients. We ferment, produce, and bottle on-site the most palate-pleasing wines you have ever tasted. We are tiny in the wine world and we are just fine with that. Our production is small in comparison to many wineries. Our focus is, intentionally and consistently, on the quality of our wines.

Do you offer food?

We offer a selection of packaged meats, cheeses, and crackers to make your own charcuterie. White Duck Taco Shop is in the same commons building as the winery (just two doors down) and they will deliver your order to the winery.

Tacos and queso not your thing? Please feel welcome to bring snacks with you. All the food delivery services know our address well. We have had customers have everything from pizza to steak dinners delivered to the winery; one of the many perks of being in an urban setting.

Do you host events?

Yes! We love hosting events. Whether your group is 4 or 40, we would love for you to use our space. We’ve hosted baby showers, birthday parties, networking events, wedding receptions, and even a divorce celebration.

Interested in hosting an event in our space? Contact us via email (julyeleventhwinery@gmail.com) with your event details. We would love to work with you.

For private events, please email (julyeleventhwinery@gmail.com) for availability and pricing information.

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